Tuesday, March 24 Message from Pastor Deb

March 24

After our first virtual worship service on Sunday, I received many emails thanking me for giving members a chance to see each other.

Those who watched the YouTube sermon video also thanked me for a Sunday message. I was very aware of the great need in both myself and others to connect. This temporary isolation and health crises has taken an emotional toll. Depression, anxiety, PTS and other mental health issues are have increased. Below there is a letter written by a student from McCormick Theological Serminary who describes the invisible toll this is taking. And, I believe we can do something about it. It is all the more important to reach out with caring, sincere concern anyway possible. Texts, phone calls, notes, emails and internet gatherings like Zoom are a few ways. Folks who are still able to walk outside ask how are you. Take the time to listen to more than “Just fine”. Mental and spiritual health are just as important as physical health. The meaning of Shalom is a wellness of mind, body and soul.

Stay well in God’s Peace, “Shalom”
Pastor Deb

Upcoming church events
March 25- Wednesday Noon Zoom “It’s Greek to me” discussion about upcoming scriptures. 12:00 noon- 1:15 pm
March 28- YouTube Sunday sermon will be posted
March 29- Interactive Worship using Zoom-

10:00 am -gathering and checking in
10:30 am -worship service
11:30 am- Coffee chat

I’ve add these times before and after the worship service so you can check in. Grab a cup of coffee and fellowship before and afterward.