Fools for Christ



Fools For Christ

April Fools’ Day was a day for harmless jokes around our house. The salt shaker had sugar in it and visa versa. The clocks were turned upside down or changed. Someone always wore two different colored socks to school. One joke in the morning was usually enough, followed by laughter and “gotcha”.

It wasn’t until seminary that I heard the scriptural reference “Fools for Christ” in 1 Corinthians 1:18-31. For the message about the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” Presbyterians pride themselves on being intelligent, well-educated and wise, not foolish. And, yet our dedication to the Church, our devotion to God and our commitment Christ’s mission must seem foolish to non-believers. It is may even seem to be a joke. So it takes courage to look foolish, I suppose. To speak up and say, ”my family and I are attending church Sunday instead of (you fill in the blank)”. Or “I believe that there is life eternal, a heaven after this life.” Or “I want to understand the Bible more fully”. And, “I pray every day”. And, “Easter is not just a day for decorated eggs and dressing up. Easter is about our witness to Christ’s resurrection”.

April begins with a Maundy Thursday Dramatic Reading and ecumenical Eucharist. The Baptist Church, United Methodist Church and the Presbyterian Church has cooperatively gathered people for worship over several years. In my experience, only a very few loyal people show up for Holy Week services. Which is a crying shame for it is a moving worship service. However, this may be the year in which people attend in abundance. Good Friday services at the Episcopal Church is at noon. Of course, Easter begins with a sunrise service on the lawn of the UMC and culminates in our traditional worship services here.

April 2: Maundy Thursday Communion (7pm)
April 5: Day of Resurrection , “Easter Emotions: How Would You React?”
April 12: Ethan Powell preaching
April 19: “On the Road Again”   Luke 24:13-49
April 26: “The Good Shepherd”   John 10:11-18

During the week April 6-12th, I will be with my family in Wisconsin. The rest of April will call us to “Witness to the Resurrection” as the disciples did so long ago. Each Sunday, you may ask yourselves, “Does this seem foolish?”   If the answer is “Yes”, you might be on God’s Wise Path.

Pastor Deb