Lenten Bible Study Soup / Supper

February 21, 2020 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Fellowship Hall
The Presbyterian Church in Geneva
24 Park Place Geneva NY 14456
Diana Capron

Lenten Bible Study

“Into the World”
The Acts of the Apostles

Friday Evenings: February 21 to April 3, 2020
6pm to 9pm

The Kerygma Curriculum
If the Book of Acts were merely a newspaper-style account of the actions of a few persons at the beginning of Christianity, there might not be much value in studying Acts. But Acts is something quite different quite special, quite unique in the Scriptures. Acts is Luke’s extended description of the nature and purpose of the Christian church in all times and among all peoples. If we desire to know what the church is for, where its power and direction come from, and how to be the church today, Acts is the book to study!

There are those who feel that membership in the church is not necessary for the Christian life; that one can be a Christian without the community. Luke will vigorously challenge this thinking. Here is a place where your own thinking about the church and your role in it may be brought into a new perspective. Luke’s doctrine of the church is as vital for the church of the twenty-first century as it was for the first.
Step into the past with Luke and with God and find your future.

The Friday Evening Study
Everyone is invited to the Lenten Bible Study. Dinner is provided by the class participants and provides a dinner fellowship experience throughout Lent. The dinner time provides an opportunity to hear about the weekly experiences of those with whom the study will be done. The Kerygma curriculum offers a broad experience for study of the Bible. Whether through acting out a parable, creating a poem to express an experience or discussing the historical aspect of the biblical passages, the study is interactive and creative. We learn by doing and a resource book is provided to assist in understanding the materials.

Add the Lenten Bible Study to your calendar. Talk to Diana Capron about getting a Resource Book for the study. And join us for seven weeks of fellowship and learning.