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In 2008 The Presbyterian Church in Geneva, endeavoring to strengthen its financial base, entered upon a capital campaign.  This campaign has been very successful.   Furthermore, the Session is committed to planning for the future Mission of the church and its financial needs.

Presently, the Congregation’s annual giving is about 60 percent of the revenue needed for the annual budget.  The remaining 40 percent is comprised of income and appreciation of the endowment.   When needed (as in 2008). principal from the endowment is used.  This is a risky financing and cannot be sustained.

From time to time, however, major gifts and bequests are made to the church.  For instance, when Mary Lienk passed, it was her wish that funds she left to the church be used for local mission.  Her thoughtful planning and generosity have funded our Parish Nurse Program and the Village Links/Teen Mom Program. 

Recently, the family of Pastor Emeritus Richard Hart initiated an endowment supporting the church Mission honoring Dick and Elizabeth Hart.  The family and the Session are in process of choosing the mission program or service that will be supported.

The Foundation Committee has been asked by the Session to develop a program to encourage the Congregation to consider legacy gifts to the church.  These are bequests or major gifts.   Often they are a part of a will and therefore reflect one’s preferences and become known at the time the will is processed.  The major gifts usually are four figures or greater and may be received at any time.

The legacy gifts make a substancial difference in the life of a church and community.   In many churches, they are the primary source of giving over time—averaging 80 per cent of the revenues.



By the end of 2014, we hope to have 100 commitments to remember and support the Church in bequests and major gifts. 

 A commitment means signing a Survey of Interest in the Legacy Program: “I/we have made, or intend to make, provisions for the Presbyterian Church in Geneva in our bequests or major gifts.”

The information you provide – whether detailed or not – will be held in confidence.  Members of the committee would be pleased to answer any questions, hear about your specific interests or provide further information.

For your information, some of the reasons current members plan to include the church in their legacies follow.

Questions and additional information are available from the Foundation Committee – Bob Eberle, Judy Luce, Rick Luce, Beth Reiners, co-chairs Ruth Benedict and Jerry Rose, and Pastor Deb.

O U R  L E G A C I E S

Fritz and Marge AudeOur churches have been of continuing importance in our lives. Schools are important for a number of years and life altering in those years; one’s church can be life altering over an even more extended period.  Therefore, we think it is important that we not only pledge to our church on an annual increasing basis, but that we use our wills to support an ongoing presence in our community so others in future years may also know God’s action and support in their lives. – Fritz and Marje Aude


EdandElfrediaFrickA few times a year I have had the chance to ask my fellow parishioners to donate to worthwhile charities in the USA and around the world.  The money helps to show God’s love.  These assets you leave to the Presbyterian Church in Geneva will be used to continue spreading the word of God, and care of our church home.  I can’t imagine Geneva without our church.  This is one way to keep it going.  Why would I leave assets to the church?  Because I should.   – Elfredia Frick

To me, a church is a community of Christians working together to accomplish God’s wishes in this world.  I want to be a part of that effort.  While I’m here that means contributions of time, talent and money.  When I’ve move on, my time and talent will be used up, but it will still be possible for me to help with money from my estate.  I want to continue to be a part of what I think is meaningful work in The Presbyterian Church in Geneva and in the larger community.  – Ed Frick


Beth NewellI am so thankful to be a part of our church because, as our vision statement says, “With Jesus Christ as our model and the Holy Spirit as inspiration, we boldly live our faith in God as disciples, serving each other, this church, our community and the world.”  What enables us to claim this vision and work toward it?  It is our committed congregation, our inspired pastoral and lay leadership, our dedicated staff, and . . . generous financial contributions from current and past members.  The mission of our church would not be possible without the generosity of members who have remembered the church in their will.   Did you know that over one quarter of our annual budget is funded through our endowment?  I have included the church in my will because I want the members of the Presbyterian Church in Geneva to continue to boldly live their faith In God long after I’m gone.   – Beth Newell


BarbHuebnerAs a member of the Budget and Finance Committee I learned what happens when a member passes away and we lose their pledge.  Some leave money to special programs and others leave it to the endowment fund.  All this is good but it doesn’t help the operating budget of the Church.  After much thought, I have decided on a different kind of gift.  I have designated an amount of money to go to The Presbyterian Church in Geneva.  This money is to be divided in ten equal parts.  For the next ten years it will go to the Stewardship Campaign.  On the eleventh year, the interest it has accumulated will also go the Campaign.  It is my hope that this will help with the everyday expenses of the Church.Barb Huebner



    1. Survey of Interest If you would like to confirm your intent to make provisions for the Presbyterian Church in Geneva in your legacy or major gifts, please complete the email form below which will be sent directly to the Foundation Committee.

    2. Legacy and Major Gifts If you would like to provide the Foundation Committee with details concerning your provisions, please download and complete the Legacy and Major Gifts form by clicking here. After completing the form you can attach it to this email or send it to the church office.

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