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A HUGE SUCCESS!  The annual Presbyterian Church Ziti Dinner and Talent Show was a huge success. Many people worked together to assure this success. After church on May 6, Deacons and other congregants transformed the Fellowship Hall for the event. Deacons shopped, baked, and cooked. At the end of the evening many joined in to put tables and chairs away.


SERRV International Fair Trade Gift Shop

Started in 1949 as one of the first fair trade organizations in the United States, SERRV empowers small-scale artisans and farmers to earn a living from their work, breaking the cycle of poverty and building stronger communities worldwide.

Presbyterian Women

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Friendship Study Group
Will not meet in June

Thursday, June 7 – 1:30pm


Raymond Nagem, associate music director at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City, returns by popular demand to the 2018 Geneva Music Festival. This year, he’ll perform great works by Bach, Mozart and others.

Summer Let’s Talk

We will be meeting on Thursday evenings, once a month, to discuss social issues—including food security, domestic violence, and the current situation in Cuba.  

From the Parish Nurse

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Dear Church Family,

     What comes to mind when you hear the word arrhythmia?  It’s a scary word to hear from your doctor. 


For our summer Sunday services, we would appreciate it if members would donate flowers from their gardens. Donors could either arrange two bouquets in vases we supply or provide the flowers to a Chancel Guild member to arrange.


The need for grief support has increased in demand. Support groups can play a key role accompanying individuals through their grief process including; self-care and support, coping with feelings, communication, and an opportunity to connect with peers who have similar experiences.

What’s that big blue box for?

Heading up the stairs to the Christian Education rooms, you may have noticed a big blue bin with a round hole cut in the top.  That’s where Boy Scout Troop 4 collects empty bottles and cans to raise money for high adventure trips.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Sunday, June 3, 2018 – Sunday School Sunday