The Christmas Joy Offering celebrates the coming of Jesus Christ, the “wondrous gift” of God with us.  What a “wondrous gift” indeed!

In gratitude to God for the wondrous gift of Jesus, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) invites you to join this celebration of God’s presence with us by supporting those in need of help and hope.

A Note from the Treasurers –

Thank you for your contributions this past year.  Your donations help to maintain all of our exciting programs.

Per IRS rules, in order to receive credit for your 2017 taxes, the church must receive and record your contributions on or before Sunday, December 31.  A final deposit for 2017 will be made with those contributions.  If you have questions, please call Alan Schenck at (315) 789-1343 or (585) 414-0175.  Thank You.

Save the Date!!

Save the Date

Sunday, January 14 – Celebrate the “Joys of January” here at the church with food, music and fellowship as we celebrate Pastor Deb’s 5th anniversary.      

From the church office . . . . .

Notes From the Church Office 

The secretary’s hours are Monday – Friday, 8:30 – 2:30.

49th Annual Wassail Bowl Holiday Sale

49th Annual Wassail Bowl Holiday Sale Poster

Congregational Retreat Report

On Saturday November 4 about 50 people gathered in Fellowship Hall to discuss the activities we do in eight areas of ministry:


The Deacons prepared and served a chicken “Comfort Dinner” on Pledge Sunday, November 12, after the 10:30 worship service. Many helped to shop, set up, cook, and clean up as part of this event. Thanks go out to all who supported this fund-raiser for the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund!

Bethany House

Bethany House is an organization which provides temporary housing for women and children and helps those victims of violence and abuse find shelter and get back on their feet. 

What’s that big blue box for?

Heading up the stairs to the Christian Education rooms, you may have noticed a big blue bin with a round hole cut in the top.  That’s where Boy Scout Troop 4 collects empty bottles and cans to raise money for high adventure trips.

From The Parish Nurse

Dear Church Family,

     I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas!!  Please remember the reason for the season and focus on the gift given to all of us, the birth of our Savior.  Concentrate on bringing the good news to someone this Christmas.  To keep the time with family and friends joyous, I have a few ideas to consider.