Hands and Feet

“Hands and Feet: Presbyterians Engaging in Community” and Matthew 25 congregations are two exciting mission initiatives of the PCUSA.  The mission movement began when Rev. J. Herbert Nelson, our PCUSA Stated Clerk lit a fire in the hearts of Presbyterians with his vision at the 222th General Assembly in 2016.

Hands & Feet mission projects and the Matthew 25 congregations have been appearing in our Presbyterian magazines (Today and Outlook) and national websites. PCUSA congregations large and small have strengthen and created new missional projects. Each congregation is challenged to ask, “How do we facilitate change and communicate God’s love?”

What is happening now? Creative and “Out of the box” mission is happening everywhere. The Hands & Feet project is one example that builds upon the grassroots, community work congregations. 

What can the church do? Attend the “Mission Retreat on September 13. Begin with an assessment of what we are already doing.  And, creatively market and focus our efforts. Attend the next biennial General Assembly gathering, June-27, 2020 in Baltimore will showcase “The Center: Mission outside of the Box”. It is an inventive and creative way to characterize what we hope to do. If you can’t attend, follow mission activities online. https://handsandfeet-pcusa.org,   


What can you do? How can you be involved in this congregation’s mission?  September worship will center on mission using commandments to extend hospitality to the stranger and Christ’s challenge to feed and teach those who hunger and thirst for God.   Find your own center in prayer and study. Listen to God’s messages. Reach out to others. Get involved with a mission already organized. Attend something new for you like small group study. Volunteer to do help with fellowship, Family Promise, join a committee, teach Sunday school, take a sacred arts class, and pray.  Initiate or start something new. Host a gathering of members and/or visitors.  Reach out to someone who is alone, new to the area, or in need of a friend.

May you be abundantly blessed, Pastor Deb