March 2020 – Lent

March 2020 Newsletter article graphic“Becoming a Beloved Community” is the theme of our Annual Wednesday Lenten Breakfasts starting on Ash Wednesday, February 26.  Clergy from The United Methodist Church, Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church, Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church and The Presbyterian Church in Geneva will reflect on “the Beloved Community”.  At 6:45 am delicious breakfast will be served by our excellent cooks who are willing to get up before dawn. This is a special opportunity to come together as Christians from our many Geneva churches as a “Beloved community”.  Please invite your friends in faith to join this unique spiritual community during Lent.

Every day during Lent is set aside for devotion and reflection.  As we know, Lent begins February 26 and concludes on April 11.  It consists of forty days, not including Sundays which are considered “tiny” resurrections and celebrations.  Christians remember Jesus’ forty days in the Wilderness and the Israelites 40 years in the Sinai desert.  In light of these religious events, Christians take time for self-examination, prayer and spiritual growth including attending bible studies, small group discussions and Wednesday morning community breakfast and prayer.

For your personal discipline consider using a daily devotional, like PCUSA, “Becoming the Beloved Community” published by Presbyterians Today. Copies are available in the office or online. (

Another metaphor of Lent is a journey or pilgrimage.  Journey with Jesus during the Lenten season as we worship together on Sunday mornings.  Gather as a beloved community as the youth make Pretzels on Sunday, March 1 and we receive the sacrament of communion. Please see the Worship schedule on the following page for Sunday scriptures which will be discussed at the noon Bible study on Wednesdays.  Another opportunity for faith formation is the Friday Soup and Supper.  (see calendar for times) 

I will be taking my own pilgrimage to Israel and Palestine on March 15. More than forty Presbyterians from around the country will be gathering for the “Mosaic of Peace Conference” in Israel.  Please include our PCUSA pilgrims in your prayers as we seek to understand and support the peacemaking efforts between Israel and Palestine and amongst all religions.                                          

Pastor Deborah Lind

Books and papers we have been studying include: The Pilgrim’s Compass, Blood Brothers (Elias Chacour), What Do Our Neighbors Believe? (Greenstein),  The Lemon Tree (Tolan), Kairos Palestine (PCUSA)   (Link- )