Re-imaging the Church and our Mission

I seldom “recycle” sermons or newsletter articles.  However, my October 2018 Newsletter article began with the question we are asking this fall, ”What is the Church’s Mission?”  Last year, each Sunday covered a guiding principle from “the Great Ends of the Church” as outlined in the PCUSA Book of Order (see list below). Our six banners hanging in the sanctuary represent each purpose. But, do we know what they represent?  And, more importantly, how does this congregation live out these six principles?  The Great Ends of the Church are constantly being re-imagined as society changes. Technology has changed how we communicate with each other.  I text my children more than email.  I relinquished my cable box three years ago and increased internet services.  Facetime and Zoom give members real-time access to meetings while traveling.  As the church of the future, let’s push the boundaries and reimagine what our mission is and will be.

Access: Consider how we (you) have changed and/or not changed in the past 5 years.

At the 2019 September Mission Retreat many of you wrote down examples of mission in categories similar to the great ends.  Please take time to read and add your ideas to the posters in the sanctuary.

Re-imagine: Imagine what the church might be in the near future. Let God out of the box.

At the youth triennium in Purdue, Indiana, there was a logo depicting the Cross edging outside of a box.  Let’s break loose and let Christ out of the box.  Be creative!


Build the Church of tomorrow! Be the Church today!   

-Know The Great Ends of the Church-(PCUSA) and reflect on their application today!

  1. The proclamation of the gospel for the salvation of humankind-
    • Where and how will you share your faith?
  2. The shelter, nurture and spiritual fellowship of the children of God
    • What are the opportunities offered to nurture faith of children and adults?
  3. The maintenance of divine worship
    • Imagine different styles of Worship, different times and places
  4. The preservation of the truth
    • “What is the Truth ?”
  5. The promotion of social righteousness
    • How are we Peacemakers, in action and word
  6. The exhibition of the Kingdom (Kin-dom) of Heaven to the world
    • How do we live and interact differently?

“ It’s Greek to Me”: Weekly Wednesday lectionary Study”

With Pastor Deb — will use the scriptures of the following Sunday

Yours in Christ’s Service, Pastor Deb