Thanks Giving Letter to the Presbyterian Church in Geneva

“We must always give thanks to God for you, brothers and sisters, as is right, because your faith is growing abundantly, and the love of every one of you for one another is increasing.” 2 Thessalonians 1:3

Letters to the first Christian churches in Thessalonica were sent by a ministry team of Paul, Silvanus and Timothy. Establishing these congregations began with inspiration and enthusiasm, teaching and relationship building. The letters or epistles usually began with blessings, grateful prayers and encouragement. The quote above reminds us to give thanks to God for each other BECAUSE of your abundant faith and love for each other.

In this post- Christian era, we need to encourage and give sincere thanks for each other. As the congregations struggle with numbers in youth groups, Sunday school classes, choirs and worship, we become more aware of our own fragility and blessings. Now more than ever we need each other. Your participation matters, your presence is a blessing.

Faith formation is the new approach to Christian education because we are aware that this is necessary for the future church. Knowledge and understanding of scriptures is essential AND discussions about our spiritual life, our faith or trusting in God builds the church of tomorrow.

In the last five years we have received about 60 new members and we have lost 24 members to death or the Church Eternal last year alone. With such turnover, it is more important to befriend each other and get to know each other. Various committees are planning gatherings for meals, worship, education and mission. Let’s take a few basic actions to build up the Body of Christ.

  1. Pray. Study, share.
  2. Get to know each other. Reach out to someone new.
  3. Show up and share. YOU Make a Difference!
  4. Give God thanks! Thank someone every day!

Blessed and Grateful, Pastor Deb

PS- Interfaith Harvest Worship at Mt. Olive -6:30 pm Tuesday, November 19