“To everything there is a season”

I am writing this summary of summer events in Edinburgh, Scotland on the first day the SCOTUS tour.  For years I’ve told myself and others that it was time to visit friends and experience Scotland.  My colleagues serving as ministers in the Church of Scotland told me bluntly, “We would love to see you but after 15 years we are moving back to Minnesota.”  What is the lesson?  Time goes by in a flash! Make time for the people and things you love.  I am excited about this guided tour that promises to explore Scottish culture, nature and our sacred heritage with other Presbyterians.  I promise to share.

Summer is filled with opportunities and events that it will be difficult to choose.  Baccalaureate Sunday when we will celebrate and pray for our five exceptional high school graduates. On July 21, the PCUSA youth Triennium bus will return after an amazing week at Purdue University, Indiana. Please continue to pray for our children and youth as they explore their faith and engage in ministry/mission in our church. 

I want to thank you for donating to the camping/triennium fund and Pentecost offering. Your gifts made it all possible. 

One more plug for summer programs, “Let’s Talk” is a laid back gathering at members’ and the pastor’s house. In summary, make time for fun and faith. 

May you enjoy the blessings of life,                       

Pastor Deb