From the Pastor




This month we will celebrate a secular holiday and a sacred Sunday. Mother’s Day and Pentecost both happen in May. It may seem that they have little to do with one another. One is all about thanks, cards, flowers, and brunch. The other is all about fire, surprise, strangers, and the language of God. Both of them, however, are opportunities for connection and understanding.

Those who nurture life in others, biological parents and all who invest in the life of a next generation, translate and transmit the mystery of love into the hearts of children. No one can adequately explain the depth and breadth of love, but a child who is loved knows it. There is a face and feeling attached to the grace of that truth. There is connection to the one who names them beloved, and some understanding of ineffable beauty.

On Pentecost there were strangers divided by language, culture, and social strata. Through the gift of the Holy Spirit that transmitted and translated to them the reality of divinity, they began to understand. They were all God’s people capable of speaking the story of the Holy. They were suddenly connected in ways that were not possible before. Through a shared story and equally gifted by God, they touched the truth of being beloved.

Deep Christian community does not simply lay out facts and doctrines for others to affirm. Deep Christian community loves others so fully that they know they are connected and safe, and they begin to understand what cannot be explained. Let us love one another and the world so well that all are assured of their place at the table. Let us tell the story of our living God with such fire and truth that all are amazed at what God is doing.

Pastor Colin