Videos on the process of calling a pastor

On Calling a Pastor Video Introduction (4 min)

This is an introduction to the process.


Presbyterian Polity and Call (2 min)

 This describes the Presbyterian way churches go about calling a pastor.


Call Process (4 min)

This describes the steps involved in the process and the role of various Presbytery and church entities.  Be prepared for LOTS of acronyms!


Mission Studies (5 min)

This describes the steps we’ve already taken in writing up our Mission Study Report.


Call and Fit (3 min)

This explains the meaning of these terms and their relevance to the pastoral search.


Calling First Pastors (3 min)

This describes the diversity of people who may be seeking their first call as a pastor.


These last 2 videos provide guidance for Pastor Nominating Committees:


Appropriate Questions for Interviews (3 min)


Reference Checks (3 min)


All of the video’s included on this page can be found on the PC(USA) website at: