Payment Options



“WePay” on the CHURCH’s WEBSITE

Many members of the congregation like to pay weekly or monthly with cash or a check.  Weekly envelopes are available on request.

Do you normally pay monthly bills either through a keystroke on your computer or through automatic transfers from your account?  Would you be interested in paying your church pledge the same way?  Several members already contribute this way.  If you would like to pay electronically, the Church can easily accommodate you. Your monthly, quarterly or annual pledge may be transferred through an ACH/EFT electronic funds transfer.  This may be set up either as an automatic transfer on a specific day of the month, or at a time chosen by you when you are making other payments through your online banking.  Please contact Alan Schenck for more information and to obtain a bank form.

Our newest option for contributions is now available on the church’s website.   There  is a donation page, which will allow anyone to make a contribution to the church.  There are options for the type of donation (pledge, special offering, memorial, etc.), the amount, and comments.  This is available through WePay, a secure service that accepts your donation and provides the church with the payment and needed information.  Folks may use either a WePay account, a bank account or a credit card for a transaction.  This is kept confidential, as are all contributions.  If you choose to use the website for a contribution, there is a processing fee that will be charged to the church.  There is also an option for the donor to cover those fees and allow the church to receive the full amount of your contribution.

If you have any questions, please contact Alan Schenck  (789-1343 or for more information

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