Web Resources for Children’s Time during Worship Services

  1. On the Chancel Steps, http://onthechancelsteps.wordpress.com/

Stories and activities that follow the lectionary. Includes “The Ten Commandments of Children’s Sermons”. Each sermon follows a specific order of Welcome, Story, Bible Story, Connection between Story and Bible Story, Echo Prayer.   The next Sunday’s sermon is published on Monday. Indexed by lectionary and scripture.

  1. Logos Productions Inc., http://www.logosproductions.com/content/free-childrens-sermons

This site is geared to mainline denominations. The site offers a free children’s sermon each week that follows the lectionary.

  1. Worshipping With Children, http://worshipingwithchildren.blogspot.com/

Site offers a number of creative options that follow lectionary for the week.

  1. Faith Formations, http://faithformationjourneys.org/?page_id=17

More detailed activity for the lectionary for the day. Indexed by date, lectionary, and scripture.

  1. Children’s Sermons Today, http://childrenssermonstoday.blogspot.com/

A blog that offers a short, simple children’s sermon each week, along with tips.

  1. Children’s Sermons Online, http://www.childrenssermonsonline.net/index.html

Short, simple stories based on a bible passage that include a simple prayer. Indexed by sermon topic and scripture.

  1. Worshiping with Children, http://www.worshipingwithchildren.blogspot.com/

Includes Lectionary, Scripture, and Topical indices. Highly intergenerational, especially the Topical Index. Articles on including children in worship, reading scripture so children hear it, ways for children to be worship leaders, and more.

  1. http://storypath.upsem.edu/lectionary-links

Suggests children’s books that correspond to the lectionary for the day.

  1. Faith Formation Journeys Children’s Sermons, http://faithformationjourneys.org/?page_id=17

This offers a  brief dialogue and prayer related to the day’s lectionary. Includes necessary props and preparation.